About Me

govind hasda

Hey there ! my name is Govind Hasda.I am an affiliate marketer,Blogger and social media marketer.I know you want to know more about me. Here it is —

I belongs to a middle class family of INDIA.I came to know about internet through my friends when i was in std 9(2014).That time I had no mobile phones not even in my family.Because I heared lots of things about internet from my friends so i asked my father to buy a mobile phone.my father bought a mobile for me but unfortunately it was a key pad nokia phone. he had no idea about internet.After that i got a new touch phone(2G) and started surfing internet.That time internet was very slow so i used to search webpages and it takes too long to reload.From that time I was very curious about internet and online earning.Years passed and Boom ! in 2015 there was JIO came into picture.On those days I was in my collage hostel.Whenever I get free time I learn about how to earn money online.And then I knew about affiliate marketing ,blogging,Seo,website making on wordpress,youtbe,social media marketing and so on .I used to learn all these skills and similarly i applied these to earn money but i get failed.So many times i get failed but i keep continued till now and i will keep this continue …..

If you want to aks me any thing please contact me on govindhasda0@gmail.com go to contact section.