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Opinion Trading


Well, nowadays many people are searching about opinion trading.it is totally new concept in India. what is actually opinion trading?

If something new comes to market you must have knowledge about that. So if you also want to know what is opinion trading? Can you really earn money from it? If you can, how much money you can earn?

Well, In this article I am going to tell you  step by step all about opinion trading.  If someone has zero knowledge about opinion trading, through this article you will have complete knowledge about opinion trading.

What is opinion trading?

Opinion trading is a platform where you can test your knowledge or opinion about anything that is going to happen in the future and through this, you can earn money when your opinion or prediction goes right.

People are saying that this is a new social media. This is basically a game of knowledge and skill.

How does opinion trading work?

Some questions will be asked according to your interest in these platforms. These questions are related to the future, you can see some questions below…

question set 2 imagequestion set 1 image


You will have only two options here’ Yes ‘or ‘No’. On any question, if your answer is ‘Yes’ then these opinion trading platforms will match you with a user who answered’No’.

For example

When you bid ‘Yes’ for RS 7.5  on any question, opinion trading platforms will try to match it with a user who bid ‘No’ for RS 2.5  (a total of RS 10 for each question)on the same question.

Whoever predicts right will win the full Rs 10. You can increase the bid quantity if you want to play with more money.

Opinion trading platforms

  • Probo (India)
  • Kalshi (US)
  • Polymarket(US)

Importance of opinion trading

So why I am talking about these opinion trading platforms? well, can you believe it? These trading platforms have over 10 billion dollars in transactions.

In India, probo had 3 million-plus trusted users in the past six months. This platform is going to be a very big platform in the future.

Why people are doing opinion trading?

  • Earning money through opinion trading
  • Knowing mass opinion about people on that particular topic.
  • Increasing current knowledge using opinion trading
  • Fun and thrill

My Final thought

If you are a student or an investor it can help you a lot to increase your knowledge and as well as you can earn money with it.

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