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Friends, today we will see what block chain is and how you can earn high from block chain development. Block chain developers are earning two to three times or even more than normal developers. In today’s date, you can do block chain development on your own.

You Can also generate high passive income. There is so much demand, but till now there are very few good developers in the industry. So you can easily grab the highest-paying job opportunities.

In today’s article, we will explain to you in a very simple way about the Block chain Technology and we will also talk about Block Chain Developers, skills and their prerequisites.
Then we will see how we can learn all those skills for free. And I will also tell you a wonderful website that to do the top courses from the top platforms for 100% free. Be sure to stay till the last.

What is blockchain ?

First of all, let’s understand what is a block chain? Block chain is a decentralized system that works like a database of transactions. Decentralized means that all the people in the network have that data not just at any one place. It is becoming very popular since 2019.

It’s a very trustworthy system and tampering with it, is next to impossible. So even from the security point of view is far ahead. Going forward in the article, it will become clear why block chain technology is safe and reliable?

To understand the block chain we can take the example of a register. Like keeping accounts or business accounts in the register, there is such a register, all the transactions that take place, their records are saved in the block.

Each block contains all the necessary information about any transaction.
So from which and to where the transactions have taken place, they are saved in the blocks forever in a safe way.

And just like this, the block chain is divided by merging all the blocks.

Block chain concept and its components

Now let’s understand the concept of block and its components. Just like each one is recorded in the register, so is the block in the block chain.

There are basically some components are seen in a block .



The simple meaning of hash is the data related to any transaction. And a unique code of that data is also generated.

2. Previous Hash

In each block, in addition to the data of that particular transaction, the hash of the previous block is also saved. The block also has a timestamp indicating exactly when the data in the block was mine and validated from the network.

In short, any block contains current data as well as data from past transactions, so it is easy to trace the history of the block chain.

Security in Block chain

The security is strong because it is not centralized and each block also has a relation to the previous data. The first thing if someone wants to hack the blockchain he has to hack all the systems of the network.

It is not possible to hack all those systems because the data is synced across all the worlds.
Second, as we mentioned, each block has a unique code and in the next block, the previous information is given.

When someone tries to change the information then the hash code gets changed due to this all the subsequent blocks become invalid and roughly changing the code of thousands and lakhs of blocks one by one becomes too lengthy and inexact.

Suppose someone does this too but in blockchain technology, you have to provide proof of work. This means you have to take the required amount of time to replace each block. Usually, this is 10 minutes and another factor is the consensus rule.
Since everyone in that network has a copy of that blockchain, hacking is more difficult because in a peer-to-peer network, whenever the block changes, everyone has the right to vote that the change is correct.

If we see predominantly negative voting, that change gets canceled, due to all these factors it is a completely encrypted system that is difficult to
interfere with.

Blockchain development

Now let’s talk about blockchain development. Friends, we have seen what is the concept of block chain and now we have also understood why it is getting so much popularity.
It is clear by understanding to all factors that there is an automatic demand for those having core knowledge and skills in this field. Global companies like Amazon Microsoft, Accenture, World Bank and many more are using the concept of block chain.
And the demand for blockchain developers is therefore on a boom and they are able to generate very high income.

There are 2 types of Blockchain Developers

1. Core Blockchain Developer

These are the developers who create blockchain clients like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Core Blockchain Developers provides These
blockchain clients to proof of work protocols or other factors for each task.

2. Block chain Application Developers

These are the most popular and many big companies are hiring them. Blockchain developers mostly fall into this category. These do not create new clients, they build decentralized applications for the existing blockchain.

Means covers the entire life cycle of a blockchain. They only do not do research in technology but also focus on application part.


Time and Prerequisites Required to Learn Blockchain Development

If you are a complete fresher then you can learn Blockchain Development easily and completely before 6 months if you have previous knowledge then 3 months is enough for you.
If you already have previous knowledge of web development, then brush up on things. you do not need to learn very high level and complex mathematics, you have to learn by focusing on the needs of this field

Block Chain Fundamentals


Web development

You must have knowledge of basic web development such as building a website and the basics related to it. Knowledge of Node JS would be a huge advantage here.

Sometimes you might need a bit of front end development too .so don’t worry if you are a complete fresher we will also tell you great free resources to learn all this stuff.

Now let’s briefly look at all the tools we need to learn to become a Blockchain developer.

Tools in Blockchain Development



It’s a language that helps to build smart contracts. Smart contracts are programs in the blockchain that run when they meet a certain set of conditions.

As for the agreement of all the participants of that network. For example When an amount is transferred in the account of the seller, then the ownership of something gets transferred from one person to another person.Solidity is used to write smart contracts.

2 Ganas

With its help, we can set up our Etherium network locally. This is usually used for testing. This is done personally by mimicking Etherium or we can host smart contracts.


It is used as a build tool for hosting. We build and host our smart contracts on truffle.

4 web3.js

A website is needed on the frontend for users to interact and a tool is used to link it to the blockchain. Meaning that Web3J acts as a communication bridge between the Block C network and our frontend.

5. Metamask

We developed the blockchain, built the frontend, and hosted the website. But to take place the transactions or activities on our browser, we need MetaMask. Metamask acts as a gateway that we can install in our web browser like an extension.

MetaMask also helps in transactions like a wallet. This technology is so advanced that we do not need any middleman in the transaction right now.They do not incur high processing fees and taxes like other modes of payment and transactions. You do not have to pay any extra charges anywhere.

Learning Resources and Courses

We will give you resources to learn block chain development skills in two ways.

1. YouTube


Because of the popularity of Blockchain, there are a few select channels where In fact, you will get to learn these all skills. You get a lot of good-quality content available for free.

dapp University is a highly recommended channel where some really amazing videos related to Smart Contracts or Presence are put up.


You will also find very useful videos on

3 Blue 1 Brown is also an awesome youtube channel for learning blockchain development related mathematics.


Our next learning resource is Github where a complete learning roadmap has been created over the block chain. Where you will find many courses or resources in one place which is enough for you to become a block chain developer.

Github all courses link here: Click here

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